Join the Promotional Team

Do you enjoy performing arts, acting, singing, dance, poetry and even performing itself? We at Arts Above the Realm believe God made the arts to be an avenue of expression that gives purpose to our existence.

We are currently putting together a powerful promotional team to promote our upcoming stage plays, weekly events and even our books. We pay daily, weekly and have exciting promotional incentives to create awareness of the arts and for people like you to make an income doing what you love.

Here are some of our daily activities
• Street Team Promotion — passing out post cards, collecting emails, adding people to our text messaging system.
• Book and Art Sales — We currently have about 7 titles of Christian literature and provide books through street sales, home book parties and through social media.
• Ticket Sales — Focus on selling tickets to our upcoming plays and events. Our next event is at the Crest Theater in Sacramento, CA.

If you are interested in being a part of our team, please visit our website and apply.

Form coming soon.